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Meet Harmon-Easy  , SafeDose's web based risk assessment report building platform. Harmon-Easy  makes creating your risk assessments fast, easy and secure. Think of it as an electronic template and helpful assistant all rolled into one. Harmon-Easy is designed to free up your time so that you can spend more time on the science of risk assessment rather than the process of it.





Collect the Documents

Gather up all your Word documents, PDFs and anything else pertaining to your chemical safety assessment. We'll help with the rest. Don't worry if you don't have everything yet. We can still get started.

Fill out the User Form

We get to know you, your chemical and your exposure scenario through a simple user form. We then provide you with step-by-step support as you conduct your hazard identification, dose-response assessment and risk characterization.

Manage and Filter your data

Once you've entered all your information, your unstructured data is now turned into structured data inside a database. You can now filter your assessment by authors, dates, critical effects, points of departure, limits, uncertainty factors or anything else that strikes your fancy.

See your data and set your limit(s)

We help you with the math, so you don't have to worry about making mistakes. We show your chemical's data on a dashboard so you can see the patterns, outliers and gaps quickly and easily. We'll help you see how changing anything in your calculation changes your limit, instantly.

Create an awesome report

You're done! You now have a structured report that follows the 7 C's: Correct, consistent, concise, clear, complete, cohesive and customized to meet your unique needs.



Harmon-Easy    is designed to live in the cloud so that you can securely access it from your computer anywhere. If you'd like to download Harmon-Easy    to use on your own system, contact us.



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