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Our Goal

SafeDose is founded on the belief that we can improve the way we do risk assessment by making them more consistent, transparent and objective. We can also do a better job of communicating hazards and risks to everyone.


At SafeDose, our goal is to use technology to harmonize the process of risk assessment from initiation of the assessment through to review. We know this is a HUGE job. We also know that this will take a worldwide community of passionate people to tackle it. If you are interested in partnering with us, or know folks who might be, please get in touch.


To help scientists do better chemical safety assessments

Our Story

Dr. Reena Sandhu

Founder, SafeDose Ltd.


I'm the founder and CEO of SafeDose, and I'm pleased to have the opportunity to tell you about our journey.


I've been a health scientist for over 25 years and a human health risk assessment consultant for about half that time. As a risk assessor, I've set or reviewed limits for chemicals in food, water, air, soil, dietary supplements, cosmetics, cleaners and pharmaceuticals. I've also had the privilege of helping governments and companies develop human health risk assessment methods and guidelines.


I've learned a LOT from all these experiences. I learned about science, policy, the errors we make when we do risk assessments and tricks on how to do assessments more efficiently. Most importantly, I've learned how different people and organizations make decisions in the face of uncertainty and how this impacts the conclusions of the assessment.


Over the years, the data geek in me has been busy carrying out a giant "compare and contrast" exercise, synthesising everything I've learned into a manual of best practices and decision frameworks. I created this manual because I realized that my own risk assessments needed to be more consistent, transparent and objective. Then came the epiphany. This stuff might be useful to others too! After much dreaming, planning and the hard work of a talented team, Harmon-Easy  was born; a web based risk assessment report builder that has all that knowledge built right in. Harmon-Easy    harmonizes the process of risk assessment for risk assessors and makes these reports easier for others to review. The first iteration of Harmon-Easy    is designed for creating health-based exposure limits (HBELs) for pharmaceuticals. Future iterations will focus on other types of risk assessments.






A world where all health-based exposure guidelines are optimised for human health


All our business decisions are driven by our four core values, and we expect all our employees and collaborators to embody them.

Team Talk

Be Open and Honest:  We will share our learnings, successes and failures within the SafeDose team and with our customers. We know that being open and honest builds trust, but that’s not the only reason we do it. We do it because we’ve decided that this is the culture we want to work in.

Build a Community: We will help each other and our customers find workable solutions to problems. We will help everyone who has a passion for chemical safety connect with each other.

Build an Awesome Product: We will make a useful and easy to use product that will create risk assessment reports that inspire confidence. We will help our users see what their data can (or cannot) tell them, separate facts from conjecture, understand and account for uncertainty and effectively communicate their work to others.


Be Profitable: We will make our money by helping our users do chemical safety assessments. This will enable us to reinvest in our business so that the cycle can continue. We will offer our users as many free tools as we can. The free tools will focus on protecting human health and advancing chemical safety science. 


Working together to create a safer world

Reena Sandhu, PhD, DABT
Founder and Managing Director 

Four score and seven years ago (or so it seems), Reena started her career designing and fitting female pigs with bras. Finding that career choice restrictive and mildly terrifying, she reinvented herself as a health scientist and toxicologist in version 2.0. Now in version 3.0, Reena is having loads of fun trying to enlist technology to serve her passion for protecting human health.

Peer Reviewed Publications                                                     LinkedIn Profile

Suman Miller, BBA, CMA, CPA
Project Manager

Suman has project management in her blood. She organizes our work into bite-sized milestones and keeps us moving in the right direction. In her spare time, she also makes Gantt charts for our holidays. On request, of course.

Ryan Young, B.Sc. Student
Software Development Intern 

Ryan is a fourth year Computer Science student at Ryerson University whose work day looks a bit like this: 1. Wake Up; 2. Get Java; 3. Write Java; 4. Get more Java; 5. Write more Java.....

Jeremy Sirois, B.Sc. Student
Software Development Intern 

Previously a competitive Rubik’s Cube solver, Jeremy is now a third year Computer Science student at Ryerson University. Jeremy is looking to gain web development experience working on projects with positive impacts. When not programming or tinkering with software, he is busy managing his softball team or taking care of his household filled with animals.

Lynne Haber Photo.jpg
Lynne Haber, PhD, DABT
Senior Toxicologist

John Reichard photo.jpg
John Reichard, PhD, PharmD
Senior Toxicologist and Associate Professor, University of Cincinnati

Graduate school taught Lynne (among other things) that it’s a lot more fun and she could make a bigger impact by reviewing, analyzing and integrating other people’s work than by trying to generate good lab data herself. Since then, she has combined her passion for the environment and love of science by evaluating the human health effects of chemicals, improving the scientific basis of chemical risk assessments, and teaching others how to conduct scientifically-sound assessments.

Peer Reviewed Publications                                                     LinkedIn Profile

Jacqueline Patterson Photo.jpg
Jacqueline Patterson, M.En.
Senior Research Scientist and Multi-Stakeholder Engagement Specialist

Jean-Christophe Pilaprat
UX Advisor

Raising bison on her Ohio farm has taught Jacqueline Patterson much about herd mentality, something she has spent her 20+ years working against in organizing expert peer reviews and scientific workshops on risk assessment issues. Jacqueline specializes in human health risk assessment and working with multi-stakeholder groups to objectively review scientific evidence to reach high quality conclusions that represent the best science available.

Peer Reviewed Publications                                                    LinkedIn Profile                                                                                                                                                                         

An award winning User Experience expert, Jean has been helping companies with their brand and web strategies for 18 years. Jean has used his knowledge of Service Design to help ensure that Harmon-Easy® users will enjoy their experience and want to use the platform again and again.

Paul Photo.jpg
Paul Miller, BBA, CMA, CPA
Darren Brash.jpg
Darren Brash, BBA, CMA, CPA

While working as an accountant for a major financial institution, Paul developed and implemented customer focused strategic initiatives including a financial planning initiative, a rural banking strategy and a high value retail customer value offer. In his spare time he coaches baseball.

Darren is President of Strong Enterprise Consulting. Darren provides business advisory and coaching services to companies and also serves as a Fractional CFO. Darren has over 30 years executive experience in Finance and Operations, with companies such as Kimberly-Clark Canada®, Dubble-Bubble®, and Smucker Foods of Canada®

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