November 5 – 8, 2019 


Vancouver Convention Center, Vancouver, BC 



 March 10 –14, 2019 


Dr. Reena Sandhu will be at this event and presenting the following poster:

2123a: Poster Board-P517: A Risk Assessment Pathway (RAP) Map for Setting Impurity Limits for Pharmaceuticals

Tuesday March 12th. Author(s) will be present at the post between 09:15noon.


We look forward to meeting you!


If you are unable to attend the poster session, but would like to connect, feel free to email Reena at The poster can be found below.

Example RAP MAP Workflows

RAP MAP workflows are designed to be used in conjunction with the modules. These workflows are process maps meant to assist in making decisions on how to go about setting a safe dose limit, depending on the exposure scenario, data availability and hazardous properties of the chemical in question. Two example workflows are provided:

Example: This workflow described how you can leverage the information contained in existing risk assessments to generate a safe dose limit.

Now, imagine having the process mapped out and linked together for the common risk assessment scenarios that you encounter in your daily risk assessment work. The aim of RAP Mapping is not to dictate a defined approach, but rather to serve as a visual platform for conversation among risk assessors, so that differences in processes can be highlighted, discussed and harmonized.

Dr. Reena Sandhu will be at this event teaching Risk Assessment  

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